Robert Gamlen Homes
52 Strathcona Gardens | Woking | Surrey | GU21 2AY

Old Chapel Lane, Ash

A joint venture with Rosebray Estates of two, five bedroom, three bathroom detached houses and one, four bedroom, two bathroom detached house. Designed and built by Scandia-Hus, with very high energy-saving levels. All are now sold and occupied.

223 West Street, Fareham


223 West Street, Fareham

About the houses.

Everyone recognises that the Scandinavians know how to build energy-efficient houses better than almost anyone else in the world. With climate change upon us, and energy resources becoming scarcer by the day, we took a conscious decision to give those who will own our latest homes in Ash the best possible chance to prepare for these coming years. The three beautifully appointed detached residences are not so much Scandinavian-built houses as “engineered homes”. They have been manufactured off-site in controlled environments and then constructed in a matter of days by a specialist team thus ensuring minimum exposure to the environment as well as total precision. Everything fits: everything works to keep out drafts and cold and to keep running costs to an absolute minimum. Of course they come equipped with triple-glazed windows and substantial levels of insulation to the walls, floors and roof, all of which has added to the build cost - which is why most developers tend to rely on older, less expensive methods of building. We believe that houses should be built to last, they have to be lived in, they have to be comfortable and they have to be energy-efficient to save on running costs – something that, as years go by, will become increasingly valuable to anyone who lives here.